Child Custody Surveillance


Surveillance Services - (Min 4 hours)

Multiple Surveillance Operatives

    Surveillance services are available to all mambers of public. Clarity Surveillance Group require a 'Surveillance Request Form' to be completed by the client, prior to the commencement of any surveillance operation.

    The more acurate the information supplied by the client the more successful a surveillance operation will be conducted.

    Expenses: Single Operative (Minimum 4hr charge)

    • Surveillance charged at $90.00 per hour
    • Travel charged at $90.00 per hour
    • Kilometers charged at $0.90 per km
    • Professional USB Video $45.00
    • Additional expenses charged at cost. (Tolls, parking, accomadation)

    *All charges will incur a 10% gst fee.


    Clarity Surveillance Group will require a minimum 50% retainer prior to the commencement of any surveillance operation. The remainder of the invoice is to be settled upon completion of the Surveillance operation and receipt of invoice.


    A professional Surveillance report will be compiled at the completion of any surveillance operation. The report will contain all the relevant details and photographs obtained during the surveillance operation.


    A video of all the obtained video during the surveillance operation will be offered to the client for purchase on an USB MP4 file.